About us

Established in 2018, Bar&Breakfast aims to produce healthy and nutritious bars using state-of-the-art technology and only the best international practices.

We aspire to meet the global trend of healthy living and to provide our consumers with an extraordinary tasting experience. Our products are produced from natural and rich ingredients, including dry fruits and a variety of nuts. We explicitly use ingredients that can be found in nature, and as such are gluten free. We want to enrich the market with a healthy, nutritious, and delicious bar.


To provide our customers with quality breakfast bars made from natural and healthy ingredients. We seek to create unique experiences in everyday life. We produce with respect to the environment and our surroundings. We build strong and meaningful relationships with our customers.


To be recognized as an honest and caring company, with quality products, which is also promotes ethical behavior and is environmentally friendly. Finally, to adequately and fairly reward our stakeholders.


To be a leader in producing breakfast bars and spreads in the region. We want to be the customers first choice.

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